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State and City Guide and Business Catalog Worldwide.

Global directory of Wi-Fi hotspots. Search by specific address or browse by country, state, and city. Listings include maps, driving directions, location photos and on-site amenities.
A directory of WiFi Hotspots where the public can search and find 802.11 access points to use with wireless WLAN cards.

Zone Finder
The Wi-Fi Alliance's worldwide directory.

The Wireless Node Database Project
Map and directory lists locations of operational and planned hotspots. Links to community wireless organizations.

Hotspot Locations
Browseable and searchable directory of wireless hotspots. Members may submit new listings.

The WiFi FreeSpot Directory
Listings are business locations with areas open to the public. Residential open node locations that share free access with their local neighborhoods are not included.

WiFi 411
Browsable and searchable directory for both free and commercial hotspots. Users may submit new listings.
Displays detailed maps of wardriving (traveling around to hunt for hotspots) data. Also has a forum, polls, and FAQs about wardriving, LANs and related topics.
Searchable directory of access points. Members may add to the list. Also offers commentary and links to Wi-Fi news and to community wireless project websites. Hotspots
Find, rate and review wi-fi locations.

Open HotSpots
Global database of publicly available wireless LAN hotspots. Users may add to the list.

The Hotspot Haven
Find, rate and review wi-fi locations.

Searchable database of wireless access points
Dedicated to helping find or publicise hotspots across the UK.
International directory of public WiFi hotspots, both free and for-fee connections.

Wireless Hotspots
Offers list of providers, location and rating.

UK WiFi Directory
Growing directory of wireless internet providers and/or local community wireless networks.
Searchable directory of hotspots in Switzerland.

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International Wireless Locator


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California ISP by Region

Providing high speed dial up, DSL, dedicated access, colocation, web hosting
Offers internet access, web hosting, e-commerce solutions and data center. Based in San Diego.

National telecommunications company providing business customers with broadband communications services, including local and long distance phone service, as well as high-speed Internet access, data and information services.

American InfoMetrics, Inc.
Modesto-based commercial ISP since 1994. Supporting e-commerce, ASP's and new developments. Access, design, hosting and consulting.

Netmagic Home Page
High speed access, T1s, Frame Relay, DSL, ISDN and other connectivity options.

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Finest Planet
Provides dialup service, site hosting, and webmail. Services, setup, and local access numbers.

Exchange Colocation
Carrier neutral colocation, internet data center outsourcing and telco hotels for e-commerce and telecommunications companies in San Francisco Bay Area.

DSL Extreme
Offers dial-up and DSL access, web hosting, and domain registration. Services, support, and statewide dial-up access numbers.

Monterey Network Center
Internet access, and secure facilities for hosting.

Bay Area Internet Solutions
Offers dialup, ISDN, and DSL access, leased lines, co-location, managed servers, and web hosting. Details about services and customer support.

Sony UX50 Handheld Wireless
Full service ISP providing for Salinas and Monterey Bay area.

A low cost BBS/ISP for Santa Cruz County residents.

a2i (
Dialup, web, MUD and IRC server and FTP hosting, shell accounts. Supports modems to 33.6.

Raw Bandwidth
DSL, ISDN, dialup, and shell accounts with personal service

Providing dial-up Internet access and web hosting services to individuals and businesses of any size, based in Los Angeles, California.

Infoasis - MacIntosh ISP
Web hosting, FileMaker hosting, FTP sites, Co-location, Domain hosting, modem, ISDN and DSL Internet access for individuals and also T1 and Wireless Internet access for networks. MacIntosh consulting.

QuakeNet Technologies
Dialup and hosting solutions for small businesses.

Neptune.Net I
California based Internet and computing solutions provider offering dial-up, networking, web-design, e-commerce support ,turn-key server solutions, DSL, and multiple hosting options along with Internet marketing and computer consulting.

Internet Service/Access Provider.

Catapult Integrated Systems
Specializing in Netware, Windows NT, UNIX, WAN & LAN technology, Groupware and messaging.

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INOW Internet Services
For business and home with Frame Relay, ISDN, UUCP, and dial-up. Also web hosting, co-location services and web page publication.

Coastal Web Online Corporation
Provides statewide toll-free dial-up, ISDN, DSL, and wireless access, as well as website design and hosting. Services, prices, and online signup.

Dialup, frame relay access, web hosting
AccessPort Home Page
An ISP that provides Centrex ISDN services and DSL, as well as dialup.
Fresno-based ISP : Fresno, Dinuba, Madera, Lemoore, Squaw Valley, O'Neals, Visalia

2 months of service FREE from Qwest & MSN
Providing high speed local internet access and services to most of Ventura County.

NetQuest (Southern CA)
Serves Orange and Riverside counties.

Full Service ISP in Northern California webhosting to Dedicated T-1 frame relays
Co-op internet provider and wireless broadband provider in Southern California. Information about the co-op and its services.

NetGate Internet
Offering a variety of Hosting and Access Packages.

SureWest Broadband
Provides data and voice communications over landline, wireless and fiber optic networks in greater Sacramento area. Includes telephone, Internet (DSL, T1, DS3), web hosting and other custom data services.
San Diego area dialup access ("division of American Internet Connection")

Innetix Wireless
Offers a variety of products and services ranging from home dialup connection to wireless T1 connections for business customers.

SaberNet Internet Services
100% V.90 56K local dial-up for California. 7 day/week customer/technical support (PC&Mac) specializing in new internet users.

Netpipeline Communications
San Jose area Internet access.

Slip Net
ISP based in the Bay Area.

Internet Gateway Corporation
Quality customer service, an OC12 high speed connection, no set up fee, no hourly charges, no prime time restrictions.

Orange County Online
A national Internet Service Provider offering unlimited 56k V.90 internet access as well as ISDN, xDSL and high speed Website Hosting including FrontPage support.

One of Southern California's highest-rated Internet service providers. Geared toward business' needs, web hosting and high speed access.

DreamSoft Online Services
San Bernardino Internet dial-up services (ISP), web hosting, web site design, online ordering.

Genesis Internet Provider LLC
Provides Internet services and webmail as well as filtered access, with lower dialup fees for California residents. Services, prices, and local numbers.

Mind Information Systems LLC
Visalia's local Internet Service Provider featuring full 56K V.90 availability through out the entire San Joaquin Valley.

Redshift Internet Services
Monterey-based dial-up/dedicated access, web site design and hosting.

Simply Internet
Southern California ISP: dialup, webhosting

Internet service provider serving Rio Vista and surrounding cities.

Sony CLIE PEG-TH55/U Handheld

Computer Variations
San Diego-based, specialized in dedicated connections

Surfside Internet
Internet access for Southern California.

Highlands Highspeed
Offers broadband wireless access in the Pacific Palisades Highlands. Services, FAQ, support, and technical information.

Online 2000
Supplies dialup to T-3 access for customers.

Digital Internet Services Corporation (DISC)
Provides access and web hosting services, with wireless services available in the Palm Springs-Palm Desert area. Products, services, and corporate overview.

Kern Internet Services
ISDN & 56K dialup in Kern County since 1993

Internet service providers in Arroyo Grande.
Grapevine Internet Services
Offers dial-up access, T4C game server, domain registration and hosting, and website design. Services, prices, and company background.

PC Magic Network
dial-up (analog/ISDN), DSL access, web-hosting

Automated Internet Technologies
Provider of DSL, ISDN, frame relay, dial-up, web hosting and design, and professional software services. Pricing, services, and company background.

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Offers dialup, DSL and broadband connectivity in Southern California, web hosting and design, and server co-location. Plans, services, and prices.

Mythtec Web Services
Providing high speed dial up access out of Santa Rosa, California.

Electronic Town Crier
Offers email and local access in all Pacific Bell areas of the state. Support and online signup.

Offers dial-up Internet access, web hosting and design, and domain registration. Services and prices.

Intercom 3000
Wideband internet services from 220 countries around the world, free voice pages from Biz Site bring the virtual communities of the world together with audio, video, net phones and television. Based in California, USA.


First Internet Alliance
A full-service Internet Provider that specializes in upgrading commercial facilities to Internet Ready.

Tracy Internet
Offers internet access and site hosting. Services, dial-up locations, FAQ, and online sign-up.

I680N Communications
Offers statewide dial-up access, webhosting, dedicated servers, colocation, networking, forums, and other services, with an emphasis on the East Bay area.
Service provider based in Redding, California offering dial-up plans.

Socal Bandwidth Communications
Offers wireless business and residential access in the San Diego and Ontario areas. Coverage, service, and comparisons with other systems.

TAZLand Internet Services
Providing reliable and unlimited 56K Internet access promising no busy signals.

Dialup, Inc.
Provides dial-up service with nationwide local numbers. Services and fees.

San Diego Access
California and Las Vegas residents Internet access.

The Web Hosting Internet Co.
Multiple redundant internet backbone web hosting.

CA Cal-1 Computers and Internet Service
Provides computer sales and dialup Internet service. Services and prices.

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