History of Art: Slipcased (Sixth Edition)
by Anthony H.W./Janson Janson (Author) 
History of Art: Study Guide
by Janson 
 History of Art: The Western Tradition: 
August 2003 7th ed Slipcased by H. W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson  History of Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Photography
by H. Harvard Arnason, Marla F. Prather, Daniel Wheeler 
 Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book by Artists
by Herschel B. Chipp 
 Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings (California Studies in the History of Art ; 35)
by Kristine Stiles (Editor), Peter Howard Selz (Editor)

History of Art for Young People
by H. W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson

History of Italian Renaissance Art:
Painting, Sculpture, Architecture: Slipcased
by Frederick Hartt, David G. Wilkins

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Janson 2003 Art Survey Janson 6/e Janson 5th Edition Janson A Basic History of Art
Letters Art History Combined, Revised Combined (w/CD-ROM), 2/E  Marilyn Stokstad VHS The Vatican Museums Janson 1997

Art History Titles in DVD
Art History In VHS
Painting Technique in VHS and DVD

Art History: Art Poster - Mlle Violette by Odilon Redon, 22 x 28 (Fine Art & Sculpture)

  ArtScene http://artscenecal.com
Guide to fine art galleries and museums in Southern California. It features complete listings, articles, image bank, and event calendar.
Internet for the Fine Arts http://www.fine-art.com/
A network of art related resources.

Words of Art http://www.arts.ouc.bc.ca/fiar/glossary/gloshome.html
An online glossary of theory and criticism for the visual arts.
Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art http://universes-in-universe.de/english.htm
Provides information and a communication system on the visual arts of Africa, the Americas, and Asia and the Pacific, within the context of international art processes and cultural exchange.
Internet ArtResources http://www.artresources.com/
Guide to the visual arts, featuring articles, international reviews, and special events. Find Museum International French Edition.

Watercolor Artists Magazine VHS Acrylic Painting Techniques
The UNESCO Courier Site Connaissance Des Arts Magazine O Correio Da Unesco Magazine- was B00007B07S and may be available at another amazon number-otherwise see UNESCO Study Abroad: 2004-2005, 32nd Edition</a>
Unesco World Heritage Magazine
Manhattan Arts International http://manhattanarts.com/ UNESCO World
Artist workshops, books, career consultation, exhibition opportunities, and other resources.

artSIG  http://www.artsig.com
A community of visual artists of all experience levels. Members may critique works submitted by others and may submit their own works for consideration by the community.

In View http://www.inview.org
Visual links to valuable visual arts resources on the web

ArtCafe http://www.artcafe.net
Active community and resource with articles on drawing and painting techniques, art history, professional issues, and education, chats, board discussions, art lessons, and demonstrations.

Thing Frankfurt - Art, Critique, New Media http://www.thing-frankfurt.de
Portal for non-institutional digital art, discussions, events, movements and artists' self-represenation around Frankfurt and Main, Germany. Member of International Thing Network.

  Art Museum Tours Fine Art Italy  http://it.d-i-s-c-o-v-e-r.com/art.html
Artist search, services, galleries, and links. [English, Italian, and French]
Urban Legends http://www.jannermedia.com/
A cultural resource and art gallery with an urban theme
Acheron http://www.acheron.org/
Art scene web page dedicated to bringing the scene up to date information about groups, packs, and general happenings.
Art-Collecting http://art-collecting.com
How to collect art. A site for novice and advanced art collectors. Extensive links and articles to help your art collecting education. Galleries, Museums, Recommended books and other resources.
Theo Digital Gallery System http://www.theodigitalgallery.com/
Provides Web hosting, and a range of gallery-oriented software solutions.
ArtLinks http://artlinks.virtualave.net/ Devoted to visual art of all kinds; includes gallery, featured artist of the month, and a discussion forum.
Rubinesque http://www.Rubinesque.com/
The Rubinesque website is dedicated to those who have dedicated their lives to modeling for art schools and colleges. Instructors, artists, models, photographers, and students are invited.

  InnisArt http://www.innisart.com/
Offers a free 240-page e-book on art marketing.
  ArtRoots.com http://artroots.com/
Galleries, museums, art links, auction houses, and print shops. Art from classic old masters to wildlife, and modern art.

Juried Art and Craft Festivals http://www.jolaf.com/resources/showinfo/index.html
Online listings with contact information for juried art and craft shows held throughout the USA, sorted by month.
Harvard Forum and Van Gogh Gallery http://vvgallery.org
Online fine arts community.

  Archiana http://www.archiana.com/
Provides free information and services for artists and designers, including jobs, careers advice, directory of design companies and courses, events, and promoting talent via portfolio images, and CV.
Art Review http://www.art.review.cwc.net
Everything you wanted to know about art, from prices to history and news.

Includes member galleries, a forum, event calendar, and a glossary of art terms and definitions.

Buddhist Art Resources

1000 Points of Art http://members.aol.com/noahnet/art/
Cape Cod Artists and Online Gallery.

Access Place Arts includes "Architectural Record" http://www.accessplace.com/arts.htm
Art news, museums, exhibits, schedules, calendars, artists, dance, theater, photography, architecture, paintings, sculpture, stores

ADAM http://adam.ac.uk
Gateway to art, design, architecture and media information on the Internet. Searchable database selected by professional art librarians.

Art and Craft Directory http://microwho.com/Art&CraftDirectory.html
Links to art and craft Sites.

Art and Culture Resource List http://labweb.education.wisc.edu/artcommunity/artresources/resourcelist
Online network of artists, arts workers, arts organizations, and arts funders.

Art and Design Associations http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/artsorg/
Identifies by subject, name, and link, over 560 organizations whose members are involved in the visual arts and design fields.

Art and Technology at About.com http://arttech.about.com/
Multi-disciplined arts arena with links and features.

Art Kara - Contemporary Art http://karaart.com/
Features twelve sections dedicated to the visual arts: artists, galleries, ceramics, prints, museums, collections, contests, books, aboriginal art, outsider art, photography, and paintings by P.P.Pasolini.

Art Links http://www.mirolka.com/artlinks.htm
Links to art-related web sites by contents, achitecture, fashion, film, music, and photography.

Art Network http://www.art4net.com/
Network of artists, museums, galleries and other resources.
Classical Art Resources Art Resources Directory http://www.artresources.co.uk/
Comprehensive directory of art resources for artists, galleries, and art collectors. The directory is searchable by category and keyword.

Art Search @ Churn Art Directory http://www.churnmag.com/artsearch/
Searchable visual art, music, and theater directory.

Art Workshop Directory http://www.artshow.com/workshops/oils.html
Directory of art schools, workshops,and instructors that teach the visual arts. Free listing for artists and organizations

Art-Bridge.com http://www.art-bridge.com/
Comprehensive directory and searchable database of art resources on the Web.

Artappeal http://www.artappeal.com/
Link page to arts portals. Includes link to Top 100 Art Sites!

Artists Listed AlphabeticallyArtBoomer.com http://www.artboomer.com/
Comprehensive portal to global art resources. Offers a directory of artists and art professionals, as well as a visual means to enhance global exposure.

Artcom Collector's Corner http://www.artcom.com/ - Artcom Museums Tour
International featured artist, exhibitions, list of museums and other features of international scope.

Artcyclopedia http://artcyclopedia.com
Guide to museum-quality art on the Internet. Search hundreds of art museum sites for exhibits and artists.

Artesur http://www.artesur.com
Directory, search and virtual galleries of Argentinean and international artists.

Artnet.com http://www.artnet.com/
An arts portal, with artist listing, galleries, and auctions.

ArtPromote.com http://www.artpromote.com/
Combination of directory, and art marketing network.

Arts and Theatres Search http://fossick.com/Arts.htm with ArtSource
Arts and theatre links, and resources.

Space Art  http://members.aol.com/ and Space Art Gallery
Space art and artists.

Space ArtSpace.com http://space.com and Digital Art Sites
Links to Space Art Sites and Star Maps and Free Starry Software

Arts Policy and Management, City University http://www.city.ac.uk/artspol/
Extensive links covering all areas of arts, museums, galleries and heritage policy and management

arts.start4all.com http://www.start4all.com/? A=page&subject=arts
Directory of artists, galleries, Web museums, news and links.

ArtSeek http://artseek.com/
Art resource directory with listings of artists, galleries, museums, arts, news, and Internet resources.

artsiteguide.com http://www.artsiteguide.com/
Has a custom search engine, a directory, links, and an art question board.

artsofar http://www.artsofar.com/ ArtleX
A portal for the discerning lover of the arts.

Blue House Art Links http://www.blue-house.com/art/
Guide to art sites on the Web.

HotAirBalloon Rides

CatapultArt Search http://www.net-art.it/search/
Search engine and directory of visual art and photography sites. Also in Italian.

Search Pixie for Artists Resources http://www.searchpixie.com/Arts/Directories/Artists__Resources/index.html
Contains listings to find artists and contemporary painters.

Contemporayart.com - http://www.contemporaryart.com
Contemporary art portal. News and listings of galleries, fairs and other resources.

Cosmopolis Artlinks http://www.cosmopolis.ch/artlinks.htm
Directory of museums, galleries and other arts resources worldwide.

d'ART http://www.fine-art.com/
Directory and database also includes artists' galleries, community, and research fora.

Directories http://www.noteaccess.com/DIRECTORIES/index.htm
A hierarchical list of arts resources and links sorted by field and subject.

EServer http://eserver.org/
A member-run cooperative that publishes over twenty thousand works, as well as providing extensive directories covering the arts and humanities.

EURAN European Art Network http://www.euran.com/Beautiful Art Best 

Web directory of art-related sites.

ExpoDream http://www.expodream.com/hall/search.asp? catID=4
Art and artists categorized by media, type, and style.

Eyeonart http://www.eyeonart.com/
Search engine, art-zine, exhibitions, and opportunities for purchasing art.

EyesWideOpen http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/2165/visulink.html
Categorized list of visual arts pages.

FineLot http://www.finelot.com/
The Internet portal devoted to art, antiques and the finer things in life.

Goreyography http://www.goreyography.com/
A graphical gallery including works by artist-illustrator Edward Gorey, Shari Emil, and Glen Emil.

IAS - International Art&Science http://www.i-a-s.deInternational Registry of Art and Artists
Links related to both art and science.

International Registry of Artists and Artwork  http://www.iraaregistry.org/ IRAA members search engine and forum.

Internet Art Resources http://www.artresources.com/
Directory of museums, galleries, artists, reviews, and feature articles.

itzalist Arts and Entertainment Directory http://www.itzalist.com/arts.html
Categorized links on all aspects of the arts.


Kilima http://www.kilima.com
Online world about film, art, music, and literature.

No Frills Guide to Art http://www.nofrillsguide.com/art.htm
International art sites on the net, designed to be fast and easy to use.

OK13 http://www.ok13.com/art.htm
Links to news about arts and humanities.

Oriscus: http://www.oriscus.com
"The Arts, Technology and Meaning." Internet resources in the arts, technology, music, musical instruments and philosophy.

Performing Arts and Artists Worldwide http://paaw.com/
A developing worldwide directory of official sites of the arts, performing arts, film, and music industry, and all aspects of official production related sites.

Rootster http://www.rootster.com/
A small, edited database of articles and links to music, art and cultural information. Associated with the online magazines RootsWorld and Hollow Ear.

Roy's Art Links http://www.roysamazinglinks.com/
Astronomy and Space - Links to Arts Sites. 804

Search IQ http://www.searchiq.com/subjects/arts/
Directory of specialized arts 91817 search-engines.


The Big Eye http://www.bigeye.com/arts.htm
Archive of arts, and music on the Web.

The Designers Network http://www.designers-network.com/
Resource site with directory of artists and designers.

The Digital Artist http://www.thedigitalartist.com/
Worldwide online gallery for artists, designers and artisans, with exhibits, daily news updates, bookstore, articles, and free newsletters.

The Weekly Script http://thirdlayer.pc.jmu.edu/
Film, television, and radio scripts in text format.

The World Wide Art Directory http://www.theworldwideartdirectory.com/
Links to artists, museums and galleries.

Things Graphics & Fine Art http://www.thingsgraphics.com/
African American art directory and chat.

Top 100 Art Sites http://www.topsitelists.com/world/artnetwork/topsites.html
Selective directory of art sites.

TortoiseTwo http://www.riverman.fsbusiness.co.uk/two/
Link library, covering visual arts, architecture, performing arts, music, books, culture, and travel.

Web's Best Art Links   http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/1050/artlinks.html = the absolute best if you can locate it. List of sites which provide information and art history images. Look up artists, and paintings. Kyoto Museum!

WetCanvas! http://www.wetcanvas.com/
Artist portal site, repository and daily magazine, featuring books/videos, reviews, tips, tutorials, lessons, online art school, message boards, feature articles, and free virtual gallery space.

World Artist Directory http://worldartistdirectory.com/
Artists' search engine, art news, the Art Teacher, and the Real-time Art Critique Gallery.

World Wide Arts Resources http://wwar.com/
Interactive gateway to exemplars of qualitative arts, information and culture on the Internet.

WorldSwitch.com - Art http://www.worldswitch.com/International/Art.html
Directory of major International art sites.

WWW Art Guide http://www.artcents.com/artguide/
Extensive links and other listings of artists, and arts resources.

Zeroland http://www.zeroland.co.nz/
An international directory of selected arts web resources including literary e-texts, classical music midi files and art images.

Art History Titles in DVD
Art History In VHS
Oil Painting Technique
Impressionists for Tea - Best Place for Tea


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