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Figure Skating Now: Olympic and World Stars (Figure Skating Now)
by Steve Milton, Gerard Chataigneau

A Figure Skating Art Gallery
Downloadable original and free "clipart" of skaters, including some famous ones; also skating cartoons, animations, E-cards, and wallpapers.

Allexperts Figure Skating Q&A
Professional figure skaters and coaches answer specific questions about technique, form, and equipment to use on the ice.

April Knight's Fan Page
Figure skating fan page, featuring mainly Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze.

Black Ice
Designed to celebrate and spotlight the artistry, talent, power and strength of minority figure skaters, minority coaches and those that help support the sport.

Canadian Skate
A general site for fans of Canadian skating.

Salt Lake City Olympics section
Figure skating is covered on ESPN's "Olympics" page

Figure Skater's Website
Information for participant figure skaters. Though all are welcomed, the site will be of greatest interest to those actually participating in the sport as skaters, parents, professionals, and club officials.

Figure Skaters for Christ
Figure skating site for Christian and non-Christian skaters, judges, coaches and fans. News, clubs, skaters market, and educational resources.

Figure Skating and Related Issues
About the various branches of figure skating, as well as issues related to the sport.

Figure Skating Divas
Features articles, news headlines, and information about the top eligible competitors in Ladies' Figure Skating

Figure Skating in Prince Edward Island
Offers news, upcoming events, and results in Prince Edwarrd Island.

Figure Skating Journal
Weekly journal of an adult figure skater. Includes skating novel, glossary of figure skating terminology and photographs.

Figure Skating Page
Features links to many skating sites, the latest results from competitions, and the latest news in the skating world.

Figure Skating Tapes
Fan page with tape trading lists and skaters' birthdays.

Figure Skating Universe
Supplies a forum where users can chat about figure skating and life in general.

Ice Skating Addicts Web Page
Dedicated to Italian ice skaters

Ice Skating Clipart Galore
Over 325 free clipart images including figure skaters, hockey, speedskating, precision, cartoons, icons, backgrounds, slogans, and the Olympics.

Ice World: Andrea's Figure Skating Corner
Photographs of Canadian and International skaters as well as the Ice World greeting card service and message board.
A reference point for ice dance sites online. Includes links to dance sites, technical information, and news.

IceJoan's Skating Fashion Review
The good, the bad and the ugly of fashion on ice. Michelle Kwan, Todd Eldredge, Tara Lipinski and Elvis Stojko are all reviewed and includes photos.

How To

Includes ice skating in the desert, clipart, accessories, services, and links.
Buy and sell anything skating. Free monthly newsletter, ask the Pros section, links, library, and lounge.

Jimmy Young's Ice Dance Pages
Information, comments and views from a British based ice dance professional, with experience at World, Olympic and European levels.

Leanne Kristiansen Homepage
Personal ice skating site showing pictures, skating competition entries and results. Links to NISA and NIISA.

Lovena's Ice Skating Page
Figure skating page with general information for the Massachusetts/New Hampshire area. Offers ice skating postcards, graphics, and java games.

DVD DVD Olympic Figure Skating Greatest Performances In History Volume II
Olympic Figure Skating Greatest Performances In History Volume I

The Best Of Stars On Ice: Vol. 1
(1998) DVD Scott Hamilton

Maryland Ice Skating
The web site for figure skating in the State of Maryland

MC Nige's Figure Skating Corner
An offbeat look at the world of Men's and Ladies' figure skating, particularly over the last season.

Bryon Dardon - Ice Skating Coach, Instructor and seminar leader on the Moves requirement for professional skating. Seminars for coaches and students. Massachusetts.

Pairs On Ice
Offers profiles, competition results, photos, and the latest news from the world of pairs figure skating.

Private Ice Publications
Skating stories, novels, serials, and poetry

Remove International Skating Union from the Olympic Movement
The International Skating Union has demonstrated in their judging of the pairs competition at the Salt Lake City Olympics that they cannot adhere to the ethical standards of Olympic Charter and should be expelled from the Olympic Movement.

Sewing With Spandex--Ice Skaters Resource
A site that caters to ice skaters in need of ideas for costumes or for the costumes themselves.

Silent Edge
Information about sexual abuse and harassment for figure skaters, parents and coaches.

Skate Fans
A list for people who are interested in talking and reading about competitive figure skaters.

Skate Music List
Listing of music from eligible and non-eligible figure skating competitions. Includes music suggestions.

Skate Radio
The First Radio Station on the 'Net Devoted to Figure Skating containing a vast collection of skater interviews, contests, promotions, and music.
A figure skating coach web site for Madison, Wisconsin. Includes information about Madison area skating rinks, coaching rates, useful figure skating links, and information about Liz Uhler.

SkateWeb: The Figure Skating Page
Index which includes links to current news items, fan and/or official webpages, related businesses, and newsgroups.

Slam Figure Skating
Figure skating news from Canadian Online Explorer (Canoe).

SoYou Wanna Learn the Basics of Figure Skating?
Article explain sall of the different jumps and spins and how they are scored as well as describing all of the different competitions.

TBS Figure Skating
Figure skating news from Japan's TV station TBS. Includes interviews of Japanese skaters, schedules, information, and results of upcoming competitions in Japan.

Technical Figure Skating
The technical aspects of figure skating, animated gifs to demonstrate various jumps, and spins. Discussions on skating equipment, and commentary on technique by the author.

The American Skaters Webring
An Internet hub for sites by and about United States figure skaters.

The Golden Skate
One of the largest resource portals for figure skating on the internet, with over 30 related categories. Includes competition results, interviews and articles with skaters and coaches, and maintains the largest world-wide Fan Page and Club/Rink Directory.

The Home of Romanian Skating
Everything about Romanian skating, results, athletes, clubs, and future events.

The Skate Blade
Includes the latest news, reports, photos, and articles from the sport of figure skating. Skating News
Collected from various sources on the web.

Traveling with Skates
Minimize the chance of losing skates by checking them during air travel.

World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame
Features general information on the world of figure skating and its unique history.

Yahoo News Coverage
Contains coverage of Figure Skating.

Hang Gliding