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What is Food Irradiation?

Stop Food Irradiation


Food Irriadiation Information

Organic Food (15)

Water Treatment (106)

California Petition to Protect and Expand Organic Agriculture

Organic Consumers Association
Pure Food Campaign acts to require disclosure of what is in food and what has been done in processing it. Online Forum!

Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet
Anna Lappé and Frances Moore Lappé travel the world in search of answers about how societies create inequalities and environmental devastation via food production.

The Food Commission
The UK's leading independent watchdog on food issues.

The Spelt Pages
Information site discussing the reintroduction and development of the ancient grain spelt

Friends of the Earth's Real Food campaign
Introduction to a range of issues currently affecting food and farming such as genetic modification, organic food, food miles and pesticides.
Information about pesticides and other toxic chemicals in food. Project of the Environmental Working Group.

The Center for Food Safety
A public interest and environmental advocacy organization which works to address the impacts of our food production system on human health, animal welfare and the environment.

ACSH on Food Safety
American Council on Science and Health's food safety page.
Articles intended to educate and raise awareness of the issues of food safety.

E. Coli Food Safety News: MedNews.Net http://www.MedNews.Net/bacteria/
Offers information about E.Coli and food safety (E. coli O157:H7). Access to news, information, books and literature searches.

Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT)
Part of the US Department of Health, this committee makes recommendations on the safety of food and commercial products. The site is very dry reading, but contains quite a bit of good information.

Questions and Answers - Food
Answers to some common environmental health questions from NIEHS, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Environmental Toxins in Air, Food, & Water
It is estimated that 60 to 80 percent of all cancers are a direct result of chemicals in our air, water and food. Known neurotoxins that we are most commonly exposed to are lead, mercury, cadmium and pesticides. What can we do? (InnerSelf Magazine)

Conscious Choice - Food Department
From Conscious Choice - The Journal of Ecology and Natural living comes a collection of articles such as: "Healthy Eating for Fifi and Fido", "Juicing", "Growing Greens Year Round". A resource for those who want to live and eat responsibly.

Food Safety (15)
Water Treatment (106)
Food and Water Borne Illness (149)
Food Additives (35)
Science > Environment > Environmental Health  (422)
    Consulting - Food Science - Food Safety  (29)
    Society > Issues > Health > Food, Drink and Nutrition  (69)
    Society > Issues > Science and Technology > Biotechnology > Genetics > Genetically Modified Food  (66)

Food Irradiation: Principles and Applications Who Eats What?: Food Chains and Food Webs Herbs for Detoxification : Herbs to Strengthen the Immune System and Improve Health by Countering the Environmental Toxins Th Life in the Coral Reef Thoreau on Land: Nature's Canvas A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History Everglades National Park Our Big Home: An Earth Poem Pollution and Waste Nature in Danger Garbage and Recycling Resumes for Environmental Careers

Environmental Planning

Energy, Ecology, Economy: A Framework for Environmental Policy

The Wildlife Detectives: How Forensic Scientists Fight Crimes Against Nature

About the Seasons

About the Rain Forest

Introduction to Environmental Geology

Physical Principles of Infrared Irradiation of Foodstuffs

International - Nutronics

The Food That Would Last Forever: Understanding the Dangers of Food Irradiation

and other Online Materials by Dr. Gary Gibbs

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Filtration and Treatment Systems (113)
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Amanda Hills Spring Water Co.
Spring water bottled in the most popular sizes with custom labels available.
Aqua Rush
Premium bottled water with enhanced molecular structure promotes good health.
Bottled Water Store
Selling bottled water from around the world. Site provides water facts, water-related gifts and monthly water delivery.
Clarus Canadian Springs
Featuring water and flavored sodas. Available for private labeling in both non-carbonated and carbonated varieties.
Filter Pure Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of water filtration equipment. Products and online store.

H2O Natural Spring Water
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Min Ra Sol
Colloidal trace mineral supplement water in gallons and quarts.
Mineral Water Store
Provider of individual mineral waters such as silver, gold, and magnesium as well as specially designed waters for specific health concerns.
Misty Fjords Water Company
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Oxygenated water sold in cases of twelve 1-liter bottles.

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The Saratoga Spring Water Company
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Water Still
Suppliers of water coolers, decorated crocks, distillers and ice shavers.
Track daily intake of water with the Waterlog.

Science - Environment - Water Resources Drinking Water
Ground Water (176)
Water Testing (27)
Water Utilities (214)
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    Science > Environment > Environmental Health  (422)
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    Society > Issues > Health > Water Treatment  (106)


American Water Works Association
International nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. Represents treatment plant operators and managers, scientists, environmentalists, manufacturers, academicians, regulators, and others.
Arsenic in Drinking Water
EPA compendium of research related to determining safe levels and setting new standards.
ASDWA - Association of State Drinking Water Administrators
Includes publications and position papers on a variety of technical and U.S. regulatory topics related to drinking water supply and its protection.
Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies
Resources and information on drinking water related regulations and legislation.
Awwa Research Foundation
International nonprofit organization sponsoring research on delivery of safe and affordable drinking water. Information on topics such as water treatment and distribution, groundwater management, monitoring, and cryptosporidium and other waterborne pathogens.

Bacteria/Microbe - Contaminant Interactions
USGS applied environmental engineering research project which focuses on monitoring of pathogens in US water supplies. Site tells how environmental microbiology is done, and describes facilities, capabilities, collaborators. Some online articles.
California Urban Water Use
Regional and statewide urban water use estimates derived from a database comprised of annual DWR surveys of urban water agencies used for urban water use forecasts.
California Water Association
A consortium of investor-owned water utilities providing water utility services to customers throughout California. Site has information on drinking water standards, water treatment, and related topics.
CBC Backgrounder: Water Treatment Methods
Primer on drinking water treatment, particularly methods used in Canada's public water supplies.
Drinking Water and Health Basics
U.S. EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water information on drinking water and health, including the National Primary Drinking Water Standards, fact sheets on specific drinking water contaminants, and guidance regarding Cryptosporidium for people with compromised immune systems.

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Drinking Water Information Resources
Comprehensive collection of information about the safety and quality of drinking water.
Drinking Water Outbreaks
Collection point for information on outbreaks of infectious disease in drinking water, and related topics. Popular press reports, as well as primary source information, are included.
King County Drinking Water
A technical summary about where they get their drinking water in King County, who manages drinking water, and how it is managed.
Lifewater Canada
A Christian, non-profit organization helping rural poor (around the world) obtain safe drinking water. Lifewater Canada trains people to drill safe drinking water wells and build water pumps (handpumps). On-line resources include a 100-page water well drilling and hand pumps tutorial.
Magnesium in Drinking Water
Describes the health benefits of magnesium.

Mohawk Valley Water Authority
Offers water quality reports, list of board of directors, and information about the Safe Drinking Water Act.
My Water Supply
A site to allow individuals and classrooms to discover, photograph, journal and share their local water supply with the world.
National Drinking Water Clearinghouse
NDWC offers technical assistance and information about drinking water treatment, management, distribution, infrastructure, Safe Drinking Water Act regulations, and ground, surface and water conservation for America's small, rural communities.
National Drinking Water Clearinghouse
Information primarily for and about small community drinking water systems. Includes fact sheets, educational materials, and information on water treatment technologies successfully used in small U.S. community water supply systems.
Natural Resources Defense Council
Resources on drinking water, from levels of Arsenic in drinking water to the quality of bottled water.

Nevada Source Water Protection
Public education resources about water contaminants, their health effects, sources, management options, and how communities can protect their drinking water sources.
Questions and Answers - Water
Answers to some common questions about drinking water and health, from NIEHS.
South Central Texas Regional Water Planning
SCTRWPG has been reviewing and evaluating water supply options for South Central Texas. Technical reports, presentations, general information, surveys, maps, and a guestbook can be found on this site.

Sulfate in Drinking Water
Sulfate is a naturally occurring constituent in water. Site presents information on research by the U.S. EPA Office of Drinking Water into health aspects of sulphate in water.
TEX*A*Syst -- Blackland Research Center Water Sciences Laboratory
TEX*A*Syst helps rural residents take decisive actions to preserve the quality of their drinking water, prevent water pollution, and protect health.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water
This Office at EPA works to ensure safe drinking water and to protect the quality of the Nation's Drinking Water Supply. The site features drinking water and health information, kid's pages, and drinking water publications and guidance documents.

U.S. EPA Drinking Water Standards Program
Existing and proposed U.S. standards for drinking water quality, standards enforcement, and current initiatives to evaluate the safety of specific substances in public water supplies.
Vinny's NC Water Supply & AQ Related Material
Information on public water supply, environmental reviews, links to files, and other information.
Water Quality Association
Water Quality Association (WQA) is the international trade association representing the household, commercial, and industrial water quality improvement industry.

Wilkes University Drinking Water Helpguide
Information on common drinking water quality concerns, such as: bacteria, lead, toxic metals, giardia, coliform, MTBE, arsenic, organic chemical, rotten odors, taste problems, and iron bacteria.

Government Facts about Food Irradiation

Food Irradiation: Who Wants It?
by Tony Webb, Tim Lang, Kathleen Tucker

Politics and Public Outrage: Explaining Transatlantic and Intra-European Diversity of Regulations on Food Irradiation and Genetically Modified Food
(Munster in Westfalen, Germany), Bd. 96. 2003) by Erika Meins

Electromagnetic Radiations in Food Science
(Advanced Series in Agricultural Sciences) by I. Rosenthal

Cobalt Superconductor Cobalt-60

About Drinking Water

Genetically Engineered Foods
by Laura Ticciati, Robin Ticciati Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature
by Martin Teitel, Martin Teitel Ph.D., Ralph Nader Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating
by Jeffrey M. Smith Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers by Ronnie Cummins, Ben Lilliston, Frances Moore Lappé

BBC Special Report: Food under the microscope
News and analysis archives plus key issues and debate.
BBC: Genetically Modified Food
The science, history and future of genetically modified food.
Daily News on Biotechnology
Checkbiotech provides up-to-date information on agricultural biotechnology.The collection of documents in the database gives an overview of ongoing discussions in ag-biotech.
GM rice patents given away
BBC News
Guardian Unlimited: Genetically Modified Food Debate
Archive of articles, profiles, visuals and audios from the Guardian and Observer, plus links to external sites.
Scotsman Hot Topics: GM Food
Archives of news and commentary plus web resources.
Yahoo! News Full Coverage: Genetically Modified Food
Ongoing collection of news and feature stories about genetically modified food. Includes link to related web sites.

Safety of Irradiated Foods (Food Science and Technology)
by DIEHL Food Irradiation: A Technique for Preserving and Improving the Safety of Food by Food and Agriculture Organization of the (Other Contributor) 	Food Irradiation: A Guidebook, Second Edition by Morton Satin Electronic Irradiation of Foods : An Introduction to the Technology (Food Engineering Series) by R. B. Miller

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