Searchable directory of academic library newsletters in the United States.
Bishop Library Index
Links to worldwide libraries, mostly with descriptions of the specific websites by Kenneth Bishop.
Descriptive listing of US libraries alphabetically and by state, as well as an index of Asian, European, Canadian and special libraries.
Global Reach
Searchable database which shows the involvement of librarians and libraries in international library activities.
Internet Quick Reference Shelf: Library Resources
Collection of links presented by the University of Indiana categorized by topics.
Multilingual database of international standard book numbers. Offers the possibility to investigate by category.
Law Libraries Worldwide
Chan Robles & Associates provides links to major law libraries around the world.
Lib Web Cats
Searchable database of over 5,000 library sites worldwide. Listings include mailing addresses and links to online catalogs.
World index of library sites with over 18,000 database entries. Includes a list of libraries by catalog vendor.
Libraries & Archives
List of references structured by topics as internet and science libraries.
Libraries and Archives
Index of links to universities and libraries worldwide as well as references to various directories.
Libraries of the World and their Catalogues
Links to national, academic and public libraries and their catalogues. Compiled by Sylvia Milne, a retired librarian.
Libraries on the Worldwide Web
Alphabetically arranged index of library resources including public, research and state libraries as well as national archives.
Library and Information Science
IFLA list of world wide web accessible libraries worldwide sorted by countries.
Library and Related Resources
List of references indexed by topics like public, school and national libraries. Also includes sections about organisations and science resources.
Site offers data and facts on public libraries in the United States.
Searchable and categorized links to over 6,000 pages from libraries in over 100 countries, including academic, public and national libraries worldwide; library organizations and consortia; and related sites. Librarianship Index
Point of access for librarian-selected internet resources worldwide asorted by topics.
List of Judaica Library Websites
Alphabetically sorted links to jewish library websites.
National Library Catalogues Worldwide
Index of libraries with detailed descriptions about the handling of the search interfaces sorted by countries.
NLS/BPH: Reference Directories Index Page
A list of directories provided by the U.S. Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
School Libraries on the Web
Worldwide directory of school library sites. The US categories also list related library organizations.
The WWW Library Directory
Searchable directory of over 8,000 library and library-related sites worldwide arranged by countries. Includes a US section sorted by states.
UNESCO Libraries Portal
Searchable directory for libraries worldwide sorted by category. Includes links to libraries of secondary schools, universities and other tertiary institutions.
US State Library Links
List of US libraries sorted alphabetically and by state.

Veterinary Medicine Libraries
Guide to veterinary medicine libraries worldwide sorted by countries.

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