Web Pages
A to Z of Pediatric Primary Care http://primary-care-paeds.tripod.com/index.htm
Search for the most recent journal editorials, review articles, consensus or policy statements, guidelines, analysis and evidence-based-medicine evaluations.
Becoming a Pediatrician http://www.becomingapediatrician.com/
Provides information for USA school, college and medical students, with details of requirements, acronyms, time frame and residency programs.
Crash Cards http://www.crashcards.com
A pocket-sized reference guide with critical information for pediatric resuscitation. Can be used on ambulances, in any clinic or hospital.
General Pediatrics http://www.generalpediatrics.com/
A comprehensive resource of journals, continuing medical education, textbook reviews, clinical practice guidelines and separate, searchable databases of conditions for pediatricians and patients.
Harriet Lane Links http://derm.med.jhmi.edu/poi/
A searchable directory of pediatric resources, with entries edited and maintained by staff at Johns Hopkins University.
Medscape Pediatrics http://pediatrics.medscape.com
Free full-text articles, daily medical news, continuing medical education credits, resources and databases.
Paediatric Infectious Diseases http://www.paediatric-infectious-diseases.com
Directory for doctors and other health professionals interested in this field and those of immunology and tropical medicine. Includes update details and team profiles.
Pediatric Development and Behavior http://www.dbpeds.org/
Information on the medical aspects of child development and behavior for physicians, psychologists, teachers, therapists, and parents.
Pediatric Oncall http://www.pediatriconcall.com/
Information for medical and paramedical personnel, and parents. A physician-only section requires log in and password.
Pediatric Oncall http://www.pediatriconcall.com/fordoctor/fordoctor.asp
Features disease information, clinical problems, case reports and teaching files, with diagnostic tools and conference schedules.
PediatricLinx.com http://www.pediatriclinx.com/
News in pediatric medicine for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Daily email newsletter available.
PediatricsKerala.com http://www.pediatricskerala.com
A comprehensive site dealing with many aspects of Pediatrics and its relative topics. Information for the public and Pediatrician.
PediHeart http://www.pediheart.org/
Free membership for health professionals provides access to medical information on congenital heart diseases.
PedTalk http://www.pcc.com/lists/pedtalk
A mailing list for discussion of managed care, running a practice, technological resources, and clinical discussions. Includes archives and joining instructions.
SafeKids http://www.safekids.info
Provides an anonymous way for healthcare professionals to share their stories about medical errors and near-misses.
Vani Bhatt http://www.advantify.com/vani/
Contains clinical and research information of interest to pediatricians, neonatologists, and biomedical researchers, particularly in the USA.

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