Web Pages
ePodiatry http://www.epodiatry.com
A database of all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery for Podiatrists,including conferences, podiatry news and continuing education newsletter.
Footzine http://www.footzine.com/
A website and newsletter for Podiatry assistants. Covers information on business management, up coming events and networking.
Podiatry Channel http://podiatrychannel.com/
Information and resources on foot and ankle conditions.
Podiatry Network http://www.podiatrynetwork.com/
Information for professionals and patients about podiatry and foot disorders.
Podiatry Online http://www.podiatryonline.com
Resources on pratice management, careers and patient care for Podiatrists.
Podiatry Update http://podiatric.blogspot.com/
Regular updates of podiatry news, information, links and opinion.
Podiatry Zone http://www.podiatryzone.com
Employment information for employers and employees.
ThatFootSite.com http://www.thatfootsite.com
Podiatric resource based in the UK. Includes a forum, news and education section.
The Podiatry Forum http://network54.com/Hide/Forum/23927
Discussion forum for podiatrists and students.

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