Academic Open Internet Journal
Free publishing, news, search engine, and calendar.
Advances in Complex Systems
Quarterly that discusses multidisciplinary approaches to the study of complex systems. Online version of the current issue is available, along with ordering information for the print version. Includes full research articles as well as letters and reviews. From World Scientific.
African Journals Online
Tables of contents and abstracts of articles from journals in agricultural sciences, science and technology, health and social sciences. Published in Africa.
Annals of Improbable Research
The Annals of Improbable Research -- also known as AIR -- is a science humor magazine. We administer the Ig Nobel Prizes, given each year for achievements that make people laugh, and then make them think.
Berkeley Graduate Science Journal
UC Berkeley's forum for graduate student research, news and policy, history of science, and reviews of current trends.
Berkeley Scientific Journal
A publication of undergraduate research by students of the University of California, Berkeley. Selected articles available on-line.
Bulletin of the New Jersey Academy of Science
Instructions to authors.
Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal
For undergraduates everywhere. Each issue presents an exciting composite of reviews, letters, research, and art. CURJ accepts submissions from any undergraduate in the world.
Central European Science Journals
Publishers of journals for Central and Eastern European researchers. Titles, call for papers, subscription information, on-line ordering.
Chinese Science Bulletin
Academic journal sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and published by Science in China Press. Devoted to the publication of regional scientific achievements in natural sciences. A summary of its aims, as well as ordering information, is available. From World Scientific.
DOE Full-text Technical Reports
Access to full-text Department of Energy Technical Reports.
DOE Preprint Network
Searchable gateway to preprint servers that deal with scientific and technical disciplines of concern to U.S. Department of Energy.
Engineering and Science Ejournals
A compilation of links to free full-text access electronic journals by Linda Kosmin Langford.
EurekAlert Peer-Reviewed Journals
Links to and descriptions of selected peer-reviewed journals. Also includes article abstracts and links to articles by subject.
FORUM for Applied Research and Public Policy
A quarterly policy journal that focuses on energy, the environment, economic development, and science and technology issues. It aims to make the work of policy researchers more accessible to officials in the public and private sectors.
Georgia Journal of Science
Subscription and author information. Abstracts from vol.57 (1999) on.
Israel Journals
Laser Pages' Israel Journals receive contributions from leading scientists worldwide, are fully peer-reviewed and meticulously edited in English. Home of Israel Journal of Chemistry, Israel Journal of Earth Sciences, Israel Journal of Plant Sciences, and Israel Journal of Zoology.
Journal of the Arizona/Nevada Academy of Science
Tables of contents from vol.22 (1987) on.
Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science
(Formerly Proceedings.) Author and subscription information; tables of contents of all volumes.
Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society
An official publication of the North Carolina Academy of Science. Tables of contents of recent volumes; author instructions.
Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science
Author information; abstracts of articles starting with vol.105 (1998).
Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
Includes research, editorials, and columns in PDF format.
Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science
General information about the contents.
Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences
Instructions for authors.
Journal of Theoretics
A nonprofit peer-reviewed science journal of original and scientifically credible theories from all disciplines. Articles are available online.
Journal of Young Investigators
An online journal dedicated to the presentation of undergraduate research in science, mathematics, and engineering. JYI provides an opportunity for undergraduates to participate in the entire scientific enterprise.
Micronesica: Journal of Natural Sciences
Micronesica is a University of Guam journal devoted to the natural sciences of Micronesia and related regions.
(Kluwer) A Review of Science, Learning and Policy. Tables of contents from vol.36 (1997) on. Full text to subscribers.
National Science Teachers Association Journals and Publications
NSTA Member Journals are for K-12 science teachers.
International weekly refereed journal of scientific research. Free registration for searchable abstracts: full content requires subscription.
Nature and Science
Nature and Science is an international journal to enhance our natural and scientific knowledge spreading in the world under the free publication principle.
Covers such areas as biotechnology, biology and geology. Includes free online sample issue.
New Mexico Journal of Science
Author guidelines, searchable bibliography.
Pakistan Journal of Applied Sciences
Full text of current issue on-line.
Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science
Author and subscriber information.
Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science
Tables of contents of all volumes. Full text from vol.56 (1976) on, in PDF/HTML.
Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science
Table of contents, 1916-2001.
Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science
Instructions for authors.
Access to peer-reviewed scientific and technical journal literature. Developed by the U.S. DOE to facilitate searching and accessing peer reviewed journal literature in the physical sciences and other energy-related disciplines. Search across abstracts and citations of multiple publishers at no cost.
Reviews in Undergraduate Research
International undergraduate journal dedicated solely to publishing high-quality natural sciences review articles by undergraduate student-authors for their peers. Submissions are welcome from any undergradute around the world.
RSSA Transactions
Abstracts from vol.49 (1994) onwards.
SB and F Online
Online version of the review journal science books and films, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Contains reviews, bibliographies and articles relating to science books, videos, and software. Website provides sample access; subscription required for full access.
Gives school and college students the chance to publish work they've done in their science classes so that other students around the world can read about it. A discussion list allows messages about each article to be posted on the site.
An information source for scientific, technical, and medical research. Subscription required for some sections.
Scientific Publications of the Paris Natural History Museum
Three research journals and four collections of monographs in botany, Earth sciences, zoology, biodiversity management, human sciences and history of science. Some tables of contents, abstracts and recent papers are available on-line.
The Journal of High School Science
JHSS publishes research papers and feature articles written by senior high school students. JHSS also includes information on science opportunities for students, science news and articles written by professional scientists.
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online (U.S.)
Multidisciplinary journal covering the biological, physical, and social sciences. Published biweekly. Archives go back to January 1996. Subscription required for full site access.
The Washington and Lee University Journal of Science
A student-run organization dedicated to the discussion and advancement of science. All issues available on-line.
Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science
Information for authors and subscribers. Contents from vol.86 (1993). PDF files are available for articles that are at least one year old.
Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
Summary information beginning with vol.95 (1992), full text for selected issues or articles.

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